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Offatar.com is one of the best internet solutions that will provides a huge traffic to your online products

with offarat.com you can advertise about your product and can manage the online advertisement with your own control panel, through your control panel you can add/update/remove your promotions and your company contact information.

if you have a website or not, you will need an advertisement solution to promote your products and make more sales which increase your revenue.

through your control panel, you will be able to publish many promotions, company contact details, head office and branches locations, company profile and location map.

with our powerful mailing system, the communication between the vistors and you will be very easily.

and with our statistics module, you will be able to find out how much each promotion has been viewed in every hour/day/week and month.

offarat.com is the solution that you are looking for, our mission is to let your promotion viewed by huge number of visitors, your product, price and quality is the key to make more and more sales.

to promote your products, kindly contact us at : 010-1975612


For Sponsors:

- Sponsors will have a very special account for administrating thier promotions which will enable them to upload unlimited promotions 24/7

- First line support

- Free graphic design for 12 promotions

- priority one in displaying order for their promotions

- Sponsor logo will be displayed in all pages of offarat.com website

- Sponsor logo will be in all online and printed marketing materials for all offarat.com marketing channels:

        - Multimedia CDs

        - Printed Flayers

        - E-Marketing Campaigns (Monthly)

        - SMS Campaign

        - Printed Advertisement in newspapers/magazines

        - Banners (In good known websites)

        - Search Engine Optimizing

to be a sponsor for offarat.com project , kindly contact us at : 010-1975612


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